4 Major Changes to the U.S. Mega Millions Lottery All Players Need to Know

Beginning Saturday, October 28th 2017, the U.S. Mega Millions Lottery will implement a few changes to the game. Mega Millions President Debbie Alford recently announced through a news release that these new changes come as a result from the response of lottery players. 

Debbie Alford, who also just happens to be the CEO and President of the Georgia Lottery Corporation, claims in the press release that, “We have demand for innovation to keep fresh, entertaining lottery games and to deliver the attention-grabbing jackpots. We’re excited to deliver the opportunity to create more millionaires and, also provide more opportunities to raise additional revenue for the respected causes lotteries benefit.” 

The first Mega Millions to have these new changes go into effect takes place on the October 31st drawing. 

With this said, here are the four major changes happening to the Mega Millions lottery, and how it may or may not affect how much you play. 

Rule Change #1. Ticket Price Increase

From now on, the price of a single Mega Million lotto ticket will cost exactly twice as much. Ticket prices will increase from $1 to $2 and players will now be able to purchase tickets for up to 14 lottery draws in a row. So, Mega Million tickets will now be the same price as regular Powerball tickets, which have been $2 since the beginning of 2012. 

While tickets will now cost $2, the lower tier multipliers will remain at $1. 

Rule Change #2. Larger Starting Jackpot

While a double price increase isn’t exactly ideal for regular players, luckily the Mega Millions jackpot prize will also increase to a starting point of $40 million. This is significantly higher than the previous starting jackpot size of $25 million. It’s even much higher than the Powerball’s $15 million starting grand prize, which has been in place since 2015. 

While the price increase of tickets may deter regular players from betting their money on this specific lotto game, a $15 million price increase for the starting jackpot may be enough for the Mega Millions lotto to keep the bulk of their regular players from switching to a new game with lower ticket prices. 

Rule Change #3. New Odds

With an increase in ticket prices and grand prize totals, players are now facing a new set of statistical odds of winning a prize. With the old structure, winning the Mega Million grand prize required players to correctly match the five white balls between 1 to 75 and one red Mega ball from 1 to 25. 

But with this new game structure, players must correctly five main white balls from 1 to 70 and the red Mega ball between 1 to 35. That’s a decrease in five numbers from the five white balls and an increase of ten numbers for the Mega ball. With this said, the odds of now winning the Mega Millions jackpot have now increased from 1 in 259 million to 1 in around 303 million. 

So, while players currently have a 1 in 14 chance of winning any single prize, the new structure will worsen the odds of winning any prize to 1 in 24. So, not only will the new Mega Millions changes make it more difficult to win the grand prize, it’ll also decrease the players odds of winning anything. This will make the Mega Millions lotto less attractive to players and put the game near the same level as the Powerball. 

Rule Change #4. “Just the Jackpot” Option

The new Mega Millions rules will now allow lotto players from certain US states to play a “Just the Jackpot” option. With this feature, players will be able to two chances to win the grand prize for each ticket. Just the Jackpot will cost $3. And while this may sound appealing to some players, if you use the Just Jackpot option, then you’re ineligible to win any of the smaller prizes, which is definitely not ideal. 

Also, the Just the Jackpot option can only be used with Quick Pick numbers randomly generated by the computer, so using your own number sets will not be allowed. As of this moment, only the following states will enable the Just the Jackpot option: Georgia, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Ohio, South Dakota, and Texas. Other US states will be able to implement the Just the Jackpot option in the future. 

How Will This Affect Players?

How will this affect your personal view of the Mega Millions lottery? Will it impact how often you play or how much you spend on tickets at any given time? The answer to both these questions for many players, I’m assuming, is a loud resounding yes. A price increase is one thing, but to double the cost of tickets is another thing entirely. This is bound to tick off many die-hard Mega Millions players. 

The primary benefit to playing the Mega Millions lotto is due to the fact that you get better odds and a higher grand prize. Now, there’s not much difference between the Mega Millions and Powerball games. Reading comments from players on other websites, it becomes clear they share the same sentiment. 

Even with this said, there is still some statistical benefit to playing the Mega Millions lotto. While the odds of winning most prizes has decreased, the odds of winning the $1 million prize has increased from 1 in 18 million to 1 in 12 million. This is according to the New York Gaming Commission. 

But it doesn’t matter what we think, what do you, the players think about the new Mega Millions lotto changes?

Buying Group Lottery Tickets Online - Lottery Pool

Lottery games have irrevocably taken a toll on today’s market and you will be as surprised at the vastness in the players who indulge. While again you will find most people playing the lotto just for the thrill winning provokes, others rather focus on the big cash prize, bait I would call it. Not saying that lottery games are scandalous no, but I guess we could term them as those non-insured risks that we endear every now and then. 

No one guarantees that you will nail the cash prize simply because you play often, daily even or exceedingly so, I guess we can only call it a probability game. A lottery pool denotes a group of players who endears in the sole option of buying tickets and splitting the reaped benefits amongst themselves. Considering that purchasing more tickets always surface as the most compelling way to maximize the winning odds, this idea often proves the best endeavor towards winning as it poses a higher buying power.

Lottery pools on-line

While traditionally the only way to indulge in lotto game would only have to be through manual tickets available from a lotto vendor somewhere within your locality, today with the advent in technology things have drastically changed. For the better yes, I would say; you find that your effort to indulge in lottery games is well endeared from the very comfort of your home. 

All you need in fact would be just a computer and a reliable Internet connection. The benefits derived from playing lotto tickets on-line are immeasurable ranging from security to convenience and making it easier to easily engage. The pools can be purchased on-line at viable websites just for the very same amount you’d pay if it were a store. All you need to do is sign up with the relevant website where after signing up you will be able to deposit money and also make entries through the Internet.

How do the lottery pools work

A lot of diligence must be exercised when it comes to running this group because having a united approach helps limitlessly triple double the winning odds. How can you ensure unity within the lotto pool?
  • Prior terms agreement - Agree on how much each person will contribute and also how the winnings will be split. The best option would be to put that into writing although an oral version does it too.
  • Choose a pool manager - Every group needs a leader who is not just responsible when it comes to purchasing tickets but also effective and reliable when it comes to storing ticket information.
  • Duplicate the tickets – Make sure that every member in the group holds a copy of the purchased tickets. After buying the on-line tickets, it would be advisable to send a copy of the same through email to all the other members. 
  • Due representation - In case of a win, do you offer a representative or does the entire group have to be present? 

Well it doesn't really matter what part of the continent you are in, group lottery tickets are readily available on-line. Maybe you've been meaning to try out pool lottery games and are yet to find the best induction platform. Well, if the reason you are hesitant is because you are still wondering whether pool lotto gaming is indeed for you, you better make the initiative to start putting some actions behind those words.