Swiss Lotto

Swiss Lotto offers Switzerland residents a lot of wonderful lottery games. There are numerous games to select from; which ones are the most ideal?

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The answer to this question is either EuroMillions or Ecco; however, this is determined by the kind of lottery player you are. This establishes the game you need to play.

Swiss Lotto
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Playing Swiss Lotto

Two varied kinds of lottery players exist. The first one imagines leading a life of riches. They desire things such as posh vehicles, huge yachts, mansions and holidays to all sections of the globe.

This kind of individual desires to win plenty of cash and does not concentrate on winning odds.

The second kind of individual wishes to win as well; however, he is more realistic and pays a lot of focus on the odds and engages in playing games he will probably win.

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If you fall into the first kind of lottery player and want to win a large amount of cash, the most ideal game offered by Swiss Lotto is EuroMillions. EuroMillions is a lottery (multi-country), which is provided via chosen European countries. Switzerland is included.

Due to the huge number of individuals who play the game all over Europe, jackpots normally go up to hundreds of millions. These huge jackpots offer the kind of person who has big dreams a chance to realize his dreams.

However, obviously, the winning odds of EuroMillions jackpot, being around 1 in 76 million are exorbitant.

If you fall under the category of the second kind of lottery player, the most ideal game presented by Swiss Lotto is called Ecco. Ecco’s top prize is 20,000 Swiss Francs. This is equal to an excess of $19,000USD.

This does not fall anywhere close to the prize levels presented by EuroMillions. However, the odds are a lot improved. The winning odds of a jackpot are around 1 in 504,000; this is much more realistic.

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