Mega Millions

Buy Mega Millions Lottery Tickets Online

Mega Millions is one of the biggest lotteries and so it attracts people in the USA and abroad to buy these lottery tickets since the jackpot prize of $640 is a big pull. Earlier the Mega Million tickets were sold only by retailers that sold other competing games and only if their business stood between jurisdiction borders. Federal governments had opposed the online sale of Mega Million tickets. However, Illinois was the first state that began selling tickets online after clarifications. Now however, you can buy online tickets from a number of websites. In Georgia, Illinois and Minnesota you can register with state lotteries and get subscriptions to buy Mega Millions tickets online in: New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, Carolina and North Dakota.

To buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket from anywhere all you need is a credit or debit card. However, remember that some internet based agents have a monthly subscription model for buying tickets online. Through the subscription model you cannot buy individual tickets but have to buy a minimum number of tickets the site offers which could be 5 or 10. However, if you are looking to buy just one ticket per play then you must look for a Mega Millions website that permits you to buy individual tickets. 

The online agents buy tickets from an official retailer and keep an electronic copy of your ticket with them. If you win the agent will let you know the prize amount you have won including the jackpot. However, be careful as online scams are plenty. Buy your tickets only from a reputable and legitimate website. Read their terms and conditions carefully or you could land up in a scam. 

Most online agents buy the ticket for you and send you the ticket if you win a prize. You will be told by the online agent through email that you have won a prize. There are some websites that automatically cash the small prizes and place that in your online account which you can withdraw after they have verified your identity and taken care of any taxes due.

Some of the online Mega Millions lottery ticket websites are: Win Trillions, CongaLotto, Lottosend and Play Huge Lottos. Many of these companies are not even located in USA but they have a worldwide presence and have agents in the USA who buy Mega Million tickets for them from the authorized retail agents. 

Outside the USA you cannot buy a physical Mega Millions ticket as they are only available here in the brick and mortar retail stores. However, the advantage of online transactions is that no matter where in the world you are you can buy Mega Millions tickets. The online agents have representatives in the USA who buy these physical tickets from retail agents. With online sale of lottery tickets you are no longer confined to play only in your state but can buy Mega Millions ticket from any state. Millions of people all over the world are buying Mega Millions ticket online.